Crash (Bar) Doors for Cold Rooms

Crash (Bar) Doors for Cold Rooms

Crash (Bar) Doors for Cold Rooms

Crash (Bar) Doors for Cold Rooms


Our doors have a high quality, useful and aesthetic structure.


Doorframe: It can be mounted on panels and walls.

Wing: The wings of the doors have the feature that can be opened in 90 degrees in both directions and remains open when necessary.

It is produced by injecting 42kg / m³ (+ - 2%) density polyurethane between two sheets on the door wing.

The wing thickness of the door is 40 mm.

Surface Sheet: In standard productions, both sides of the wing are polyester sheet.Optionally, it can be made of PVC and CRNI and some standard colors can be produced for PVC surfaces.


Hinge: The hinges used in the doors are in accordance with the standards.


Dimensions: Double-winged crash doors are produced as standard with 1200 x 2000 mm clear width. It can be made in maximum 700 x 7000 mm clear width, and special production can be made in smaller sizes upon request.



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