Cold Room Rack Systems

Cold Room Rack Systems

Cold Room Rack Systems

Cold Room Rack Systems

Industrial Rack Systems


Cold Room Shelf Systems: A shelf system is necessary for the healthy preservation of products in cold rooms. Thanks to the shelf system, your cold room becomes more useful. In addition, thanks to the porous structure of the shelf system, the cold air spreads homogeneously in the room.


Rack System Features;


• Cold room rack systems are produced in accordance with HACCP and Food Norms.

• The raw materials of the plastic accessories used in our products are ABS Plastic and they are antibacterial.

• The poles and spacers of the racks are electrostatic powder painted on galvanized sheet metal.

• Cold room rack systems are produced with 4 racks standard. Additional racks can be added upon request.

• Rack heights are designed to be easily adjusted.

• The racks have adjustable plastic ball joint feet and can be adjusted according to the floor.

• Cold room rack systems are designed to be used in environments between -40 C°/+ 60C°.

• Cold room racks can be washed.

• Standard size of the racks is 36, 46, 53 and 61 cm in depth, and they can be between 15 - 244 cm in height.

• Our racks are produced in different sizes starting from 61 cm to 183 cm.

• 90 degree rotation is possible with special corner pieces used in cold room rack systems.

• Our racks are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled.

• Our racks have over 85% ventilation efficiency, which is ideal for cold rooms.


Rack System Material Types

Cold room rack systems have a wide range of products.

Racks are listed below according to material properties.

• 304 Quality Stainless Rack System

• 201 Quality Stainless Rack Systems

• Standard Painted Rack System

Antibacterial rack system

Chromate rack system

Plastic Rack System


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